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Colin M.
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Colin M. Some straight up awesome psychedelic, bluesy rock. Really the only negative is that there are only four great tracks, when my ears want more. Favorite track: Floating Upstreams.
Don Cramer
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Don Cramer I'm hearin' me some Allman Brothers as well. A downright satisfying helping of psychadelic-tinged blues rock. Favorite track: Guardian Angel.
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FDJ Got to agree with everyone else, this has Robin Trower written all over it!
Classy classic bluesy rock with sublime solos' ,smooth vocals and powerful bass and drums at it's root.
Delicious! Favorite track: Guardian Angel.
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Magic Jove, a psychedelic blues rock trio from Sweden, seem to be off to a pretty solid start. Before they even played a gig, Magic Jove were discovered by Ozium Records from the hype of some self-released demo tapes and in a couple of months they had an EP out. That EP is entitled In The Fields and it provides a strong introduction to a band with a whole lot of potential.

The influence of heroes like Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath provide a clear reference point to where Magic Jove are garnering much of their texture from on In The Fields, but that’s not to say the sound isn’t distinctively their own. With driving bass lines, grooving drums and phasing guitar solos, this EP paints the picture of a band with soul and musicality.

(Blues Rock Review, 28/04/-14)


released April 4, 2014



all rights reserved


MAGIC JOVE Malmö, Sweden

Working on a new album at the moment!

Classic rock mixed with blues and some honky tonk riffin to get your feet movin!

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Track Name: In The Fields
Oh no, it wouldn't hurt me babe
to lay down all day through
And make some sweet love
down in the fields, with you

Oh, babe, I wouldn't mind to be high
in the skies with you
We could just float around
while the gods would take care, of us two

Oh babe, would you mind to get down
to the bottom with me
I could turn you on and turn you loose
floating upstreams, so wild and free
Track Name: Guardian Angel
Look at me, fellows
see me standing in the sun
I'm here sent down to you
Forget your troubles
and don't worry bout the past
These are new times, babe, and it's true

But wait a minute, girl
I got blinded by the sun
So leave me for a while to breath slow
gonna hide in my tree house
and let the branches bloom
And far outside the border they might grow
But how could I know?

I'm your guardian angel
but I can't remember what to cease
I'm your guardian ranger
taking a stroll overseas

I got dragged into the shadows
and it shook me real hard
When i opened my eyes and found
That good old George
wasn't so bad, but I ain't sad
livin high above the ground

I'm your guardian angel
but I can't remember what to cease
I'm your guardian ranger
taking a stroll overseas

Man-made machines
can do what no man can
Just as long as no-body knows
But man-made machines
can also spread the word
And faster than i fire it will grow
But how could I know?

I'm your guardian angel
but I can't remember what to cease
I'm your guardian ranger
taking a stroll overseas
Track Name: In Chain
Her future is clear and wrapped up in chain
with a blessing from god through sorrow and pain
Twelve is over yonder, heading her way
down that road that she's bound to obey

So many young minds
facing the same faith
While the time is passing by
they're walking around
In chain

Mankind is mean and she can be so cruel
when she stops thinking and looks like a fool
So hide your regret and hide it good
and you can still be a part of the brotherhood

Push your lady down so hard
so that she can't rise
And you will live happy together
walking around
In chain

People turn the blind eye
cause it's a hard road to ride
And forget about their own
standing by their side
Track Name: Floating Upstreams
I'm floating upstreams now
and nothing comes in between
Long winding roads got me here
but now they seem to be through

Thanks to you
My mind turned to gold from blue

And I'm flying over mountains, babe
so high above the ground
No worries on my mind anymore
and all my sorrows seem to have drowned

Thanks to you..