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Colin M.
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Colin M. Groovy, psychedelic, bluesy... A fantastic EP of some truly great 70's inspired tunes. They managed to build off of and improve on their impressive "In the Fields EP." If they keep it up, they will blow our collective minds with the next one. Favorite track: Black Clouds in Western Skies.
Bill Goodman
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Bill Goodman Magic Jove fails to disappoint once again. Their bluesy rock is just what one needs to sooth a a battered and warn soul.
paul rote
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paul rote Groovy blues rock man. Old school !! The way it's supposed to be done ! Stoner blues !!! Smooooooth ! Favorite track: Black Clouds in Western Skies.
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FDJ Classy blues that's as smooth as a baby's bum (that's an East London term btw) Strong vocals and stellar guitar make this the perfect follow up to their "In The Fields" EP.
Great band! Favorite track: Black Clouds in Western Skies.
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Soshanna They produced one of my favorite EP's last year, and looks as if they are going to do that again this year with this new EP. I seriously believe once they release a full length LP they will be among the best 70's inspired blues rock bands to come out of Sweden. Keep your eyes & ears on this band! 5 of these \m/ Favorite track: Track You Down.
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Analog recording and mastering by Ola Wirling, Studio Möllan, Malmö Sweden.

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released January 1, 2015



all rights reserved


MAGIC JOVE Malmö, Sweden

Working on a new album at the moment!

Classic rock mixed with blues and some honky tonk riffin to get your feet movin!

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Track Name: Black Clouds in Western Skies
Don't let them take you
penetrate your soul and fool your mind
Don't let them get ground and try to blind you
Don't leave your senses behind

Black clouds are growing in western skies
and I can't believe it's true
Open up your eyes, understand and realize
Don't let them try to take your mind

I don't know where you got your notion
and I wouldn't understand
All the love on this world is good love
so please leave and bring your demands
Blaming your brother with no reason or proof
gaining so many brainwashed minds

From the start all minds are lovely and yours was once as well
but now it's lost in the mist
Just love your brother, woman and child
No matter what and all will be well

Think outside the border of their formulated lies
this war has already been fought, conquered and won before
An evil seed is growing in the garden of today
this war is already ceased and done

Don't let it grow no more
Track Name: Don't Drag Me Down
You can mind your business
and I, I can mind mine
You won't have to worry about
wasting your time, just

Let him guide you
all the way so
Deep down in the ground
But don't try to
drag me down
and try to tell me what is true

Too many years of fighting
about who you even are
Representing love
but leaves, leaving battlescars

I might don't get it
all the way
So I'm just gonna mind my own
But don't try to
drag me down
and try to tell me what is true
Track Name: Track You Down
She been gone so long
ramblin by the sea
You know that girl
means so much to me

I hope she writes me a letter
or at least gives me a sign
So I can be sure
that my rider is mine

I need my rider
close to me
But she gone too far
for my eyes to see

I hope she writes me a letter
or at least gives me a sign
So I can be sure
that my rider is mine

So won't you call me, babe
when you get back into town
Or just call on me
and I will track you down
Track Name: Sonic Understanding
Sonic understanding
beyond the edge of words
Will open up the door
to your space of soul

A sonic understanding
is gonna set you free
From your worried, blue mind
for a while

No need to argue
no need to fight
In this state of mind
Release your fury and sought your pain
leave this world behind

Feel a sonic understanding
beyond the edge of war
Forget about
what you're fighting for

A sonic understanding
will lead you to your soul
Just lay back and groove
and reach your goal

No need to qualify
no matter who you are
There ain't no wrong or right
Forget your future and don't care about the past
and you will find the light

I could travel over seven seas
ride down the highway, but never feel as free
I could be heading to the moon in the sky
but still be so unsatisfied until the day I die

Sonic understanding, only way to ease my worried mind
Sonic understanding, leave this world behind